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What You Need to Know About Taking Pre Employment Tests

You’ve been asked to take a pre-employment test by one of the companies you’ve applied for a new position.

Understanding the Types of Assessments Used

Behavioral Assessments

Employers use behavioral assessments to make sure that your personality and preferences line up with the position in which you’re applying. This means identifying areas of the job, including tasks and activities, you naturally enjoy doing. Behavioral assessments measure your personality fit, work style, and attitudes toward certain components of a job that leads to engagement in your work and likelihood of success over time.

Competency or Aptitude Assessment

Another common assessment used is a competency or aptitude test that measures a variety of your hard skills and interpersonal traits like dealing with others, communication, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. This is important because it allows you to capitalize on your strengths in a role as well as identify any areas for growth.

Skill Asessments

Oftentimes, employers will also use skill-based assessments that help to screen out candidates and to measure for basic competencies they‘re seeking.

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Test Time


You may be asked to complete testing as soon as you apply for a job, somewhere in the middle of the process, or even after an interview.

Pro Tips to Doing Well

Be sure to read all directions in the employer’s communication

Read all instructions on the test itself

Complete all the demos or sample questions to ensure you understand what is being asked. This is crucial!

Be honest! Behavioral tests often have a component that checks for honesty. The more up front and forthcoming you are, the better your chances of being placed in the right fit job for you.

Do your best!

Skill and Ability tests measure your current understanding of concepts and ways of handling situations. If you don’t score well, use the opportunity to get training in these areas to improve.

Clarify with employer if something is unclear (but only after reading all instructions!)

Relax. Make sure you have enough time set aside to dedicate to completing testing. It is always best to complete it in one shot, without distractions.

Avoid using your cell phone unless the test is specifically designed to be done on a cell phone. Besides, it’s tough to select tiny boxes on a small screen.

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