A Sales Manager’s Perspective on Recruiting

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If you have ever sat in a sales meeting, the following is probably familiar: The sales manager expects his or her team to make a certain number of customer contacts every day, and this number is usually higher than the number of contacts the salespeople want to make. The sales team retorts in the same … Read More

Learn to Identify the Qualities You Really Want in Your Next Hire

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Many business leaders take a gut instinct approach to selecting talent. This means they know in their gut what they want their candidates to look like but don’t take the time to fully develop a profile of the ideal person into a measurable description. Even if the ideal candidate is described in a job posting … Read More

What Does the Moneyball Concept Teach About Hiring?

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We can learn a lot about hiring from the moneyball concept—defined as finding undervalued talent by using analytical and statistical data. One of the interesting concepts related to the moneyball approach is the importance of paying the right price for talent that fits a specific need or strengthens a specific part of a team. To … Read More

What Golf and Interviewing Have in Common

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David Sandler wrote an interesting book on sales called You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar. His underlying point was that the skills and techniques you learn from reading his book, or any book for that matter, need to be consistently reinforced through continued training and practice. The process is … Read More

A Simple Guide to Interviewing Candidates for Attitude

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 Mark Murphy wrote a terrific book on interviewing for attitude, which I highly recommend. His company, Leadership IQ conducted an impressive survey discovering that 46% of new hires failed within 18 months, and that 89% of the time it was for attitude, not a lack of technical skills. TheHireTalent.com’s upcoming e-book, Hiring Talented Team Players, … Read More

What Businesses Can Learn From the Recent NFL Character Problems

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    What Businesses Can Learn From the Recent NFL Character Problems by Fletcher Wimbush Jul 9, 2013, 2:29 pm ET inShare Just like in the NFL, businesses decide to take on risks based on how potentially rewarding they perceive their business ventures to be. The New England Patriots knew there were some risks associated with renewing Aaron Hernandez’s … Read More

Road Map to Hiring Good People

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Here is a simple strategy using cost-effective assessment tools for hiring good people. First, allow me offer you a simple strategy that will make your life easier and produce results. The following scenario can show you how to take advantage of cost-effective aptitude and competency assessments. Scenario: You need to hire an outside sales person … Read More

One Tip to Improve Your Interview Process

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We realized during our most recent project to create better interview questions there was one common theme. If you the interviewer do just one thing differently you will improve your odds of selecting a top producer the first time around greatly. Have you ever asked a question to a candidate and received a lengthy interesting … Read More