Your Candidate Selection Strategy: 3 Considerations

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Choosing between two or more great candidates isn’t a terrible problem for a business owner to have. 1. Previous Performance One way we evaluate candidates is by looking at their past performance to determine if they’ve successfully navigated the challenges of their previous position with ease. Did they learn from their challenges and were they … Read More

3 Ways to Help Employees in Times of Crisis

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From Hurricane Michael in Florida to wildfires in California, natural disaster strikes impact more and more people around the country and disrupt every facet of life in the process. When someone is dealing with a crisis like this, often one of the last things on their mind is work. These trying times are opportunities for … Read More

Is Your Candidate is a Team Player?

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Assessing teamwork ability in potential employees can be tricky. Without the chance to truly witness your candidates interacting with others in the workplace, you must rely on interview questions, references, and assessment tests. The first two should focus on candidates’ past performance in previous jobs. Getting the applicant and, if possible, their past supervisors to … Read More

How to Cope When You’ve Made a Bad Hire

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Avoiding a “bad hire” is a standard goal for every organization. Bad hires are stressful, costly, and time-consuming. They cause emotional and practical difficulties for everyone involved and have a negative effect on productivity and growth. But how do you know if you really have a bad hire on your hands? A seemingly bad hire might improve … Read More

The Holidays Don’t Have to Stop Your Candidate Search

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The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and conventional wisdom suggests that people are too busy to look for a new job. This is enough to deter some organizations from posting new positions, which means there’s an opening for others to step in. Hiring follows a slightly different rhythm during … Read More

Is the Gig Economy Luring Away Workers? What Hiring Managers Need to Know.

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Over the past few years, the media has been flooded with stories about the gig economy and how it’s changing the future of work. That’s a pretty bold statement and one that makes for a catchy headline, but how much of an impact is it really having? Once you understand how the gig economy shapes … Read More

Improve Your Hiring Process with This ONE Tip

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If you just do ONE thing differently in your next interview, you can improve your odds of selecting a top producer the first time around greatly. Have you ever asked your candidate a question and received a lengthy, interesting and well-crafted response?  Most of us have an immediate emotional reaction in that situation. It usually … Read More

3 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Can Reveal Red Flags

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Recent incidents of violence around the country remind us of the fact that people can have dark qualities to their personalities. Those tendencies can hamper performance on the job and interpersonal relations within an organization. Aptitude tests can help uncover potentially threatening or relevant information about a candidate’s attitude as part of the interview process. … Read More

3 Ways Remote Work Helps Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Good recruiting is one of the pillars of business success. Employees come and go (hopefully not too often), and as you grow you’ll need to expand your team. But in an increasingly competitive labor market, it’s becoming harder and harder to attract top talent. And if you’re lucky enough to hire an all-star, it’s often … Read More