3 Performance Management Goals Your Team Will Actually Want to Complete

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It’s the start of a new calendar year, and halfway through the fiscal year for some organizations, which means it’s time to think about performance management goals. Performance management is a process by which employees and their supervisor set professional goals to be completed in a set period of time. Goals are usually a mix … Read More

4 Ways To Leverage Technology To Retain Top Talent

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Recruiting and retaining talented employees is an integral cornerstone of a business’s strategy. With unemployment falling as low as 3.9 percent in recent months, the job market is more competitive than it has been in nearly two decades. This means that employers must be proactive not only during the hiring process but in retention efforts … Read More

3 Benefits Your Employees Really Want

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With unemployment continuing to hover below four percent, the competition to attract and retain quality talent is higher than ever. Salary and company culture go a long way toward hiring and retaining quality talent, but employee benefits count for more than you might think, especially in a tight job market. If you own or manage … Read More

Should You Talk Politics in the Office This Fall?

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Picture of a rally of protesters holding up signs and demonstrating.

With the midterm elections around the corner, it can be tempting to vent around the water cooler or over Slack about the latest political turmoil. But, is that really what’s best for your company culture and work environment? There are sharp divides between Republicans and Democrats on seemingly every issue, but people from all backgrounds … Read More

6 Ways to Handle Employee Resignation With Tact and Ease

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It’s always a bummer for your company when one of your star employees makes the decision to pursue another opportunity. She’s a top performer in the sales department who always seems to be ahead of her game, zestfully trains the new hires, and regularly boosts office morale. Now what? After you move through the five … Read More

4 Steps for Engaging Remote Employees

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Remote work offers employees various benefits to commuting to the office daily. We are living in a time where flexibility in our work schedules is continually rated as a high priority among workers, especially among the Millennial generation and younger workers. Last year, Toyota released plans to extend remote work to nearly 1/3rd of its … Read More

5 Ways to Manage Employee Absenteeism

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a classroom of empty chairs

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it’s your chronically absent employee’s empty desk chair. Again. What will you do about Harold? Absenteeism is a major issue in the workplace that extends beyond personal illness. There can be several legitimate reasons that employees miss work and other, well, not so legitimate. In any case, how … Read More