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This #1 Skill Makes the Best Employees

One of the most sought after skills we hear about all the time from clients is critical thinking. Employers are more attracted to candidates who demonstrate a high degree of problem solving, creativity in their thinking, troubleshooting, analytical intelligence, and overall logic because these skills indicate a higher likelihood of success in any role.

Pearson identifies critical thinking as the #1 workplace skill and finds that those who exhibit this skill are also rated by their superiors as having a good handle on analysis and problem solving, good judgment and decision-making, and increased potential for growth within an organization, among other favorable qualities.

Candidates who are intelligent, critical thinkers are more likely to innovate and bring new ideas to the workplace. They can solve challenges easier and confront complicated situations with a sense of creativity and outside the box problem solving mentality.

Critical thinking can be taught or improved on too, by employing techniques such as asking good questions to gather more information from any sources available, remaining objective and seeing things from multiple angles, hypothesizing multiple creative solutions to a problem, and considering the outcomes of each solution and their long-term effects.

Hiring a new candidate and want to measure critical thinking skills? Try out one of our short Logic skill tests or our more in-depth People and Logic Competency test today.

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