Halloween Horror Stories!

scary jack-o-lantern pumpkin carving

We wanted to take a moment from sharing our typical content about hiring best practices and share some horror stories with you. After all, it is #Halloween!

As you may know, while we specialize in pre-employment assessment testing, we are also pretty skilled at hiring and recruiting. On the recruiting side of our business, we interview upwards of 3,000 people a year and we’ve definitely had our share of doozies! That’s not all though. We each have several experiences outside of interviewing that have taken place at work that are downright frightening and we’d like to share.

Horror Story #1

So this one time, my co-worker went to use the women’s restroom in the main office. No more than a minute in, we all heard a scream. Wondering what in the heck we were supposed to do, she comes out in a panic. Apparently she was okay, but when she came out, we learned that she’d been met with a foot-long sized iguana slash lizard thing who was hiding behind the door. IN THE RESTROOM. IN THE BUILDING. Not a forest, not outside, but like in a busy business park in  the city…Where did he come from? Like WHAT THE…??

The lesson?

Always check behind the door before you sit down.

Horror Story #2

You know how when things appear too good to be true, they usually are? So this one time, I hired a sales guy. Best sales guy ever. On the planet even. Better than me. Anyway, he crushed it.  He was a total BS’er and I soon realized that I couldn’t trust him further than I could throw him, but man did he sell.

So, fast forward to several years later. I’ve since let the guy go for causing more than enough problems for me to manage, and I’m watching the news when I see the SAME GUY, my old employee, on the news being arrested for throwing a chair through a tattoo parlor’s front window. ????


Horror Story #3

One time, while working as a manager at McDonald’s  I was working the closing shift. At some point, I was looking at the schedule and realized that the way it had been planned would leave me with three people (myself included) at 8:00 pm or so, with no other people coming in for the rest of the night. With that many people, it would be impossible to run the entire store. I tried calling in a few people, but everyone either turned me down or didn’t answer their phone. So, I ended up deciding on closing the lobby of the store at 8 and leaving the drive thru open. The lobby was normally supposed to be closed at 10, but what other option did I have? Well, it just so happens that, on that same day, some important people from corporate had decided to come visit our store just after I decided to close the lobby. Suddenly, I’m getting a phone call from my store manager (who happened to be on vacation), asking me if I closed the lobby. I told him yes, he tells me what happened, and I realize I’m in deep. He told me to reopen the lobby and that he and our regional manager were coming to talk to me.

At this point, I have no confidence in the idea that I will be keeping my job. The regional manager showed up first because, since my store manager was on VACATION, it took him awhile to drive where he was coming from, and eventually my store manager arrived as well. They discussed things in back, appeared to have come to some sort of conclusion, and my store manager came back to me to tell me what they decided. I ended up getting written up and suspended for a week, which was actually a relief because I was positive I was going to get fired.


Horror Story #4

This one time, at band camp. Just kidding. Almost. I was working in retail and we were gearing up for the holidays, so the store was super busy. Every register was open, lines throughout the store, product flying off the shelves. Madness. A customer was trying to return some items with one of my co-workers and had a pretty complicated transaction. She wanted a refund on a product that wasn’t issuing a full price refund, she wanted to exchange her item for something else and had a coupon- a couple different things going on here. It seemed like every step of the way, the customer had a complaint or comment about the way the employee was handling the transaction, how long it was taking, the appearance of the store and lack of product available on the shelves, etcetera.

Finally, my co-worker started to crack a little bit. You could tell she was trying real hard to keep it together while the customer basically harassed her. Finally she looked up, said, “you know what, no,” and set everything she was working on down, and walked away from the register and out the back door of the store. The lady looked speechless. One of the managers ended up finishing the transaction, but overall it was a pretty crazy moment during an already crazy day! #christmastime

Horror Story #5

So, when I worked delivering pizzas I was on my way to one of my final deliveries and apparently cut someone off as we merged into the same lane. Unbeknownst to me as I turned left into a shopping center driveway, the guy flipped a U-turn and waited for me in the parking lot as I went inside to deliver the food. Once I’m back in my car and several minutes later, I’ve confirmed that this guy is actually following me. Kind of nervous at this point because who does that?! It’s been like 5 miles already and I didn’t even mean it or realize what happened until I was flipped off and honked at.

Anyway, at this point I’m trying to lose him deliberately. I’m dodging between streets and accelerating where I can, and he’s tailing me still. It’s been 15 minutes at this point and I’m wondering if I should call the police or my wife to say my goodbyes. Finally I see my opportunity to ditch this guy once and for all. I make a sharp right, quick left, another right into an alley and park and just sit there for a good 10 minutes until I feel like the guy must’ve driven away.

Then I quit my job. Just kidding, I didn’t, but I thought about it. Road rage, man..

What are some of your own employee horror stories? Please share in the comments below!

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