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The 7 Stages to an Optimized Hiring Process

Our 30 Years Helping Hundreds of Businesses Hire the Best Talent
Has Proven that this Hiring Processes Consistently Produces Top Performers.

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All About the Money – How to Talk to Candidates About Salary

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for Get Your Credits Now Get your Free Guide, All About the Money…

Applicant Tracking Systems

Top Applicant Tracking Systems Our Pre Employment Testing & Other Hiring Tools Integrate with any ATS! Crelate Talent Crelate Talent…

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Optimizing Your Job Ads

It wasn’t long ago that an employer would simply place a want-ad in the local newspaper to fill a vacancy…

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How to Write a Job Ad 101

If you want to attract good candidates, take the time to create, curate, and develop a job advertisement that speaks…

An employee interviewing a potential candidate for a job.

How To Hire Emotionally Intelligent Candidates

Emotional Intelligence is one of those intangible qualities about a person that hold so much weight. People with strong emotional…

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Should You Post A Salary Range in Your Job Ads?

The question of when and how to set salary expectations can trip up even experienced employers and interviewers. Should you…

Candidate Profil do's and don'ts infographic by The Hire Talent

4 Steps to Creating a Candidate Profile

Understanding Candidate Profiling Your candidate profile is essentially a list of qualities, characteristics, or past achievements that you want in…

Job Ad

How to Write a Job Ad that Attracts Top Talent

Guide to Writing a Job Advertisements Writing a job ad is the first step toward getting the right candidates you…

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How to Write a Job Description

Most job descriptions are poorly written. From entry-level sales positions to CEO-level executives, they all say the same things. Everyone…

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Tips on SEO Optimizing Job Postings

Optimize Your Job Ad for SEO It wasn’t long ago that an employer would simply place a want-ad in the…

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5 Steps You Can Implement to Encourage Idea Sharing At Work

Idea sharing is the process of collaborating and brainstorming with others about a topic or regarding a shared problem. In…

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3 Steps to Ask A More Effective Follow up Question

Interviews are an art form that while performed on a daily basis by many, is truly mastered only by a…