How Much Should You Automate Your Hiring Process?

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How Much Should You Automate Your Hiring Process?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the potential disruption that AI will bring to the workforce. Gartner predicts that AI will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. This certainly seems to be true in the HR world as companies like ZipRecruiter use AI to match candidates with job openings.  

If used correctly, automation can help streamline the resource-draining parts of a candidate search and allow the humans on your team to focus on things that really matter, like asking the right interview questions and promoting your company’s culture to your candidates.

What’s the right balance between humans and computers in the recruiting process? How can you use HR technology and AI recruiting to your advantage? In this post, we’ll offer some best practices from our decades of recruiting experience.

What You Should Automate

When you step back and look at the hiring process, you’ll find several components that take a lot of valuable time without offering much in return. You focus on ROI in every other part of your business, so why should HR be any different?

Let’s start at the beginning — your job posting. The job description should definitely be written and reviewed by your HR team to make sure it accurately describes the position and does not contain any discriminatory language.

Once that’s complete, however, you can let automation take care of posting the position to job boards. This is repetitive work that’s best left to a computer. The quicker a position is posted, the quicker you’ll start to receive candidates.

Automation can also help with applicant management and take care of making sure that every candidate uploads a cover letter and resume. By using an applicant tracking system, you are allowing AI to weed out incomplete applications to ensure that your team does not waste time reviewing them.

Again, the quicker you can review applications, the proactive your organization can be in a tight job market.

What You Should Not Automate

The human elements of a job search are often what separates a good interview from a bad one and help a candidate assess whether your organization is going to be a good fit for them. Candidate selection, interviews, and salary negotiation require a human touch that can’t be replaced by HR technology.

It might be tempting to use AI recruiting to build your candidate pool, but it should not be your only source. A human can pick up on nuances in resumes and cover letters that a computer never could.

It’s unlikely that AI will ever fully replace the interview process, but that does not mean technology should be completely absent from this part of the recruiting process. Use a candidate scorecard to track feedback on each applicant.

These systems provide a central resource for your candidate pool and an objective evaluation to use in conjunction with the hiring committee input. Again, you can make the hiring process more efficient by weeding out candidates who did not score well and spend more time discussing candidates who you really want to join your organization.

Finally, someone interviewing for a job expects a certain amount of human interaction throughout the process. A job offer should always be delivered personally, and over the phone or in person if possible so a candidate can her how excited you are to have them join your team.

Carving out time for phone calls and negotiations is annoying, but definitely worth doing. If you cut too many corners, someone might be inclined to take another offer from an organization they feel values them more.

The Right Balance

Automating the mundane parts of a job search will help you invest your time on the things that matter most to find a candidate that’s a good fit for your organization. The right HR technology tools can help make the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

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