Unlimited Personality Testing for Your Entire Workforce

Unlimited Personality Testing for Your Entire Workforce

Get Unlimited Disc Style and Big 5 Personality Testing to Assess your Existing Teams for 60 Days.

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We typically charge $1999 but given the circumstances, we have heavily discounted the price.

For only $450 you can assess your entire workforce using proven personality assessments.

Identify your teams Personality fit for a once in a lifetime price!

In the next few months, many companies will be put to the test. Our Personality Testing will help identify your workforce's strengths and weaknesses.

Identify your Employees Personality Type

Each of your employees has a unique personality. With our personality tests, you can discover the types of jobs & tasks they truly enjoy.

46% of all New Hires fail because they are a poor personality or attitude fit for the organization.

Identify weaknesses and strengths so your team can consistently improve.

Extremely Discounted

The typical pricing for personality assessments ranges from $40 to $120 per Employee. That's $4000 to $12,000 for a 100 person workforce. With our testing its a flat $450 fee for 60 days of unlimited testing, no catch.

Disc Style Assessment

Test the 4 major personality types

15 Sub traits that drive behavior

Use these tools to help your employees learn more about their strengths and weaknesses

Build more symbiotic teams

Put people into roles where they naturally thrive

Big 5 Personality Test

Test the big 5 personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism

& Our additional traits for added accuracy: Emotional intelligence, Ambition, Self Awareness, and Integrity