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Talent Management & Labor Market Challenges

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Tight Labor Market and Skills Gap

Human resource leaders are presented with labor shortage challenges and a candidate skills gap. For this reason, hiring managers are putting increasing pressure on hr executives to fill positions faster with more dynamic talent.

How is this done quickly and efficiently, though? We know that the longer a job sits open, the more costly it is the hiring company and the more difficult it becomes to fill.  

Pre employment assessments that measure for critical skills and abilities help hr leaders screen higher volumes of candidates faster and more thoroughly earlier in the talent management process. Being able to quickly screen out non-fits saves time and money, freeing hiring managers up to focus on those candidates who do meet their requirements.

A common challenge hiring managers face is that candidates lack specific trainable skills as technologies rapidly evolve. To this end, pre-hire assessments are most helpful in being able to quickly sort through and identify those candidates who have the core foundation and abilities and behaviors that allow them to excel in these roles.

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