A little about me…

As the CEO of The Hire Talent | A Talent Assessment Company and Wimbush & Associates, Inc. | A Talent Search Firm, Fletcher Wimbush interviews over 1,500 applicants annually, assessing and analyzing thousands more for clients across the country.

In addition to talent assessment and search work Fletcher has co-authored a book with his late father “Hiring Talent Team Players: a guide to getting it right”, created the “Power Interview Guide”, the most effective 30 minute interview ever, also he and his team have published numerous article on ERE.net, Recruiter.com, Monster.com and hundreds of articles on Preemploymentassessments.com/blog thought leadership websites.

Fletcher’s life long passion and study of best recruitment practice has led him to coach business leaders on best recruiting practices using self-established resources such as the Power Interview Guide, eBook, and hundreds of hiring topic articles.

After opening over 25 small businesses right out of college, Fletcher moved into a more traditional corporate environment. In a multi business unit leader role he developed a specific expertise in turning around underperforming business units, reporting top revenue and profit numbers during the recession years and in his own businesses we have seen 600% growth within a span of 3 years.

Fletcher has spoken and presented at a multitude of business events and online platforms, including Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), small business groups, Chambers of Commerce, Bright Talk, and CollegeRecruiter.com

SHRM Salt Lake City Conference

We solicited feedback from our attendees and received 17 responses that boasted a cummulative total of 74 take-aways from our presentation: Hiring for Culture Fits. Below are some of the comments we received:

  • “Good content & specific take-aways, especially interview questions to use right away.”

  • “I learned a lot. Fletcher integrated well-known principles into fresh, new actions and take-aways.”

  • “The information provided allows those to view hiring from a different standpoint, rather than focusing on skills, but values.”

  • “Feel that the info was very relevant. Hiring the right person is critical for an organization. Using and having the right tools saves time, money & prevents pain points for the organization.”

  • “The content was valuable and honest. I’m going to implement a lot of it into my current hiring practices and processes.”