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Success Stories:

Digging deeper with Metropolitan Property Management

Metropolitan Property Management employs 60 employees within the property management industry. Within the company the HR Assistant and Director report employment prospects and outcomes to the Director of Operations.

Metropolitan Property Management identified that many of the hiring candidates who nailed their interview either lacked the skills needed for the position or their personalities did not mesh well with that of the supervisors or tenants. In this situation, the results provided by the Behavioural and Ability assessments would be an asset, however, there were too many candidates that were failing the ability portion of the assessment and in turn, continued to leave the positions unfilled. The HR Director continued to see the benefits of using the testing in order to find the appropriate candidate, however, because of time constraints felt pressure from the Director of Operations to fill the positions quickly.

The Hire Talent assessments were used to evaluate for such positions as Maintenance Technician, Administrative Assistant and Property Supervisor. They have now become an internal part of the Metropolitan Property management’s hiring process in order to ensure the quality of the candidates they interview. The assessments are able to obtain valuable information that was unattainable previously through resumes and normal interview questions.