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The 7 Stages to an Optimized Hiring Process

Our 30 Years Helping Hundreds of Businesses Hire the Best Talent
Has Proven that this Hiring Processes Consistently Produces Top Performers.

Start Optimizing any Stage in your Hiring Process:

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The Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

Everything you need to know about pre-employment testing. The Complete Guide toPre-Employment Testing Hoping to read this later? We’ve also…

Candidate Scorecard

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for Get Your Credits Now Hiring without data is like playing darts with…

An employee interviewing a potential candidate for a job.

How To Hire Emotionally Intelligent Candidates

Emotional Intelligence is one of those intangible qualities about a person that hold so much weight. People with strong emotional…

Pre Employment Attitude Test

Leadership IQ conducted a study of nearly 20,000 businesses. They determined 46% of all new hires fail within their first 18…

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The Pre-Employment Assessment Testing Timeline Explained

To test or not to test is obvious at this point, right? OF COURSE, we are going to advocate that…

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Education vs. Experience in the Workplace

The  Education vs. Experience debate has been a hot topic facing college graduates as they complete their degrees and flood into…

Top 10 Jobs Requiring Attention to Detail

Although we’ve compiled a list of only 10 jobs that require attention to detail, there are undoubtedly hundreds of positions…

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The When, How, How Often and Where of Assessment Tests

When to Use Assessments Assessments used in the hiring process can take many forms. Companies will have to decide what…

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Sample Pre Employment Assessment Results

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for Get Your Credits Now We have a new look for our reports….

Sales Assessment Test

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for Get Your Credits Now Have an excellent product or service but can’t…

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How Pre Employment Testing Benefits Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

The benefits to using pre employment tests as part of a solid talent acquisition strategy are endless. From saving money…

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How Pre-Employment Testing Contributes to a Positive Candidate Experience

Creating a Positive Candidate Experience in the Interview Process Pre employment testing improves the candidate experience in the screening process…

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Emotional Intelligence: Sales, People, and Logic

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for Get Your Credits Now People Ever hired someone who seemed great in…

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Ep. 7: Screening Candidate Resumes Quickly and Effectively

In this episode we discuss all the tips and tricks for effectively screening a candidate’s resume, so you can breeze…

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Combining Human Soft Skills + Business Strategy to Increase Business Outcomes with David Meyerowitz

In this episode we discuss how to add the human touch and soft skills, combining with a well-thought out business…