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Predict Attention to Detail Before you Hire

Myers-Briggs personality types interview.

Our attention to detail test reveals which candidates:

  • Maintain consistent focus
  • Accurately manage details
  • Provide error-free work

The Attention to Detail Test measures a candidate’s ability to match sets of data with another set, checking for nuances, slight variations, or discrepancies among the data sets.

Recommend for:

  • Administrative roles
  • Clerical Roles
  • Data-Entry
  • Accounting
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Roles
  • Researchers
  • Estimators
  • Customer Service
  • Support Roles

How the Test is Scored

  1. Accuracy of responses to questions
  2. The time it took to complete the test
  3. How they followed the instructions provided

Average Time to Complete

his test takes 15-20 minutes to complete on average.


Identify detail-oriented candidates

Test Time

15-20 min Avg Test Length


Unbiased & Scientifically Proven Testing

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Our Attention to Detail Test Sections

Section One

Questions 1 to 7

Directions: Questions 1-7 include alphanumeric data. (letters and numbers)

Compare the samples on the left to the samples on the right.

Select the option on the right side that matches the sample on the left.



A. ZY96288
B. ZY69828
C. ZY96828
D. ZY96882

Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

Sample Test - Section One
Sample Test - Section Two

Section Two

Questions 8 to 15

Directions: These questions consist of names and phone numbers.

Compare the left sample to the one on the right.

Martin Cannon

Martin Cannan

Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

Both sides should match exactly. If they don’t match select: 

A. Just in the name   B. Just in the phone number

C. In both the name and phone number   D. In neither

Section Three

Questions 16 to 19

Directions: These questions are only about long numbers.

Compare the left to the ones on the right.

Select the number that matches the number on the left.



A. 5696433
B. 5966343
C. 5693643
D. 5696343

Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

Sample Test - Section Three
Sample Test - Section Four

Section Four

Questions 20 to 28

Directions: There may or may not be a difference in these e-mail addresses.

Compare the e-mail addresses.



Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

If there is a difference, indicate how many of the lines are incorrect: 

A. Just one line  B. Two lines

C. All three lines  D. None of them

Section Five

Questions 29 to 35

Directions: Questions 29-35 consists of names, dates, and numbers.

Select the options on the right that matches the same options one on the left.


Tolleson 11/02/88 112569

A. Tolleson 11/20/88 112569
B. Tolleson 11/02/88 115269
C. Tollison 11/02/88 112569
D. Tolleson 11/02/88 112569

Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

Sample Test - Section Five
Sample Test - Section Six

Section Six

Questions 36 to 44

Directions: Questions 36-44 consist of names and addresses.

Compare the options on the left to the options on the right.

Gerald Jansen
1050 Earl Dr.
Sacramento, CA 90079

Gerald Janson
1055 Earl Dr.
Sacramento, CA 90079

Select Answer
A.  B.  C.  D.

They should be identical. If there is a difference, indicate where: 
A. Just in the name  B. Just in the address

C. In both the name and the address  D. In neither

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