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Are you searching for a results-based hiring process that consistently produces top performers?

How to create an overflowing talent pool and identify the top performers in as little as 30 days.

If you’re ready to learn & apply a proven, results-driven hiring process developed over 29 years and 10,000+ candidates

Then you’re in the right place.

The Million Dollar Hire:
A FACT-Driven Hiring System

Peek behind the curtain and learn the never before shared secrets of hiring and retention experts The Hire Talent. This exact process has been honed over the last 29 years finding and hiring top candidates for over 600 clients.

Who Exactly is The Hire Talent?

We specialize in helping businesses hire the best talent available on the market using best hiring, recruiting, and interview practices.

Led by Fletcher Wimbush, carrying on the legacy of the Wimbush Assessments, we've helped over 600 companies find their Million Dollar Hires over and over again.

Fletcher is as passionate about this business as he is about sharing his expertise on best hiring practices with the C-Suite and teaching leaders to prioritize hiring the best talent.

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The very best talent can be worth millions of dollars to your business

Making sure you have a results-based strategy to find and keep the very best talent for your company is not only good business - it’s a proven investment. The Million Dollar Hire online course helps you create a solid hiring foundation, a pool of high quality candidates, and shows you the secrets to successful talent evaluation and on-boarding your new hire so they stay.


Create a Solid Hiring Foundation

Measure Skills

Attract the Best Talent

Job Board Search

Find Your Diamond in the Rough


Onboard for Retention Success

The Million Dollar Hire:
A FACT-Driven Hiring System

Most companies skip the vital foundational steps - which leave them with misguided hiring results. In this online course you'll learn how to create Job Descriptions, Candidate Profiles and Hiring Scorecards to ensure you're seeking and identifying the best fit candidates.

The average US company loses between $600,000 and $2.2 Million dollars per year due to turnover*

The total loss is over $1 Trillion dollars across all US companies. But you can reduce this significantly by using a FACT-Driven hiring system that sets hiring managers up for success.

*Based on data from The BLS, Gallup and Deloitte studies.

Never worry about finding the right people again when you have a results-based, repeatable system in place for attracting, finding and securing top talent for all positions within your company.

Avoid the high costs and emotional damage associated with employee turnover with a high level hiring strategy that brings your next Million Dollar Hire right to your door.

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What Does the Course Include?

The Million Dollar Hire is delivered in a self study manner where you have access to the materials at any time, from any device. You can continually come back to the material for years to come as your access never expires.

The course has been created with easy to watch video trainings that can be streamed from any device. You'll also get helpful resources and templates so you can implement this hiring method quickly and easily.

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Take the First Step to Find (and Keep) Your Next Million Dollar Hire

Learn how to create Job Descriptions, Candidate Profiles and Hiring Scorecards to ensure you're seeking and identifying the best fit candidates. Discover the latest recruitment strategies to pinpoint and attract your ideal candidates and use SMART strategies to ensure your Million Dollar Hires get engaged, stay engaged and produce winning results!