Recruiting Tools

Recruiting Tools

Take the pain out of Recruiting

Create an Optimized Recruiting Process and Watch Applications Flood in

RapidRecruit Applicant Tracking System

Are you Losing Candidates to a Unorganized Hiring Process?

Easily push job ads to several boards with a single click.

Collect more candidates than ever before

Manage all your candidates and move them through your hiring process fast

15+ free job boards plus over 2000 linked job boards

Employee referral program management

Million Dollar Hire Course

Learn Our Exact Hiring Process made from 30 Years of Hiring Top Performers

Results-based, repeatable system for attracting, finding, and securing top talent

How to get a Flood of applicants to your job listings

Our exact Methods for identifying the Top perfomers in your applicant pool

How to Onboard for massively increased Retention

We've helped over 600 companies find their Million Dollar Hires over and over again.

Million Dollar Hire Online Course