Employment Testing Tools

Employment Testing Tools

Identify your next Top Performer Before you Hire

Helping organizations hire the best talent since 1980 with our proven hiring tools

Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

The Hire Talent provides unparalleled candidate insights with our pre-employment testing.

We're dedicated to helping you build the best team. We provide free unlimited consultations with our hiring experts for all testing clients.

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Personality Assessment Tests

Our personality assessment tests are a quick way to figure out what candidate will suit best each job you have to offer. This can allow you to increase retention, engagement, and success in the workplace for all your employees!

Identify Candidates Who Will Love their Jobs!

Cognitive & Aptitude Assessment Tests

With our cognitive & aptitude tests, employers can predict job performance and identify employees with strong problem-solving and decision-making skills, among others. Such an simple solution to save the company thousands in failed hires!

Hire the Most Intelligent Talent

Skills Assessment Tests

It is hard to find candidates with specific hard skills to make a great fit for your company. Or is it? Our skills assessment tests reveal if your candidates' skills are up-do-date and on par with the job requirements.

Evaluate Hard Skills

Sales Assessment Tests

Our sales assessment tests will reveal which candidates you can hire to drive revenue and increase your company's bottom line. Out there, you have a potential sales superstar. Let's find them together!

Create the Best Sales Team

Leadership Assessment Tests

The best way to find a great leader is by testing them. Strategically assessing the top contenders with a dedicated battery of leadership tests can make all the difference in your company.

Reveal leadership potential

Other Great tools to Hire Top Perfomers

Use the Candidate Scorecard to catapult your interviewing results or Reference Hunter to Completely automate reference checking

Identify the traits that drive success in any job role

Create custom interview questions to rate candidates on any traits

Score candidates for the identified traits based on their responses in 7 easy steps

Reproduce results 100% of the time

Standardize your questions so any interviewer can produce veteran results

Automated Reference Checking

Avoid mishires which cost up to 1.5 to 2 times annual salary

Verify and validate a candidate’s experience and become 10x more likely to gather critical info

Bypass the process of manual reference checking

Reduce time investment and eliminate bias

Eliminate any doubt by getting info from a candidate's direct past supervisor