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Making a hiring mistake with a leader or supervisor can set your company back millions of dollars, decimate your culture, disrupt positive momentum, and threaten your organization.

These are the most important hiring decisions you will ever make. You don’t want a Tyrant who will shout orders all day, but a saint who never corrects anyone is just as bad.

We will help you select your next top-performing leader with our Leadership and Supervisor Assessment Tests.


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Leadership and Supervisor Assessment Tests

Leadership Predictor Profile

When it comes to analyzing candidates for supervisor and leadership positions, we cut no corners. These are your most important hiring decisions. They can be what drives your organization to success or causes its downfall.

Our Leadership predictor profile test is an in depth assessment that analyzes your candidates for skills that managers, supervisors, CEOs and presidents of companies have developed that make them such effective leaders.

Measuring these abilities, along with leadership aptitude, is an extremely powerful tool when hiring for any level of management. In addition to the critical skills, our leadership assessment tests measures interpersonal abilities and sales abilities, as both are closely tied to the success of top performing leaders. Personality fit plays a key role when hiring leaders. Not everyone is built to give orders, so our assessment will find the candidates who are.


Management Style - Do they manage like a Tyrant, Saint, or anything in between?

Communication with Subordinates - Are they micromanagers, stay too out of the loop, or just enough?

Approach to training - Are they patient when teaching new material or get easily frustrated?

Approach to delegation - Do they use their time wisely or bite off more than they can chew?

Leadership Ability - Gauges a candidate’s sales skills (basic and advanced), interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, and communication skills.

Leadership Personality fit - Measures a candidate’s personality fit for management and leadership positions, work style, attitude, integrity, and behavior as it relates to being able to lead teams towards peak performance.

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