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Work Aptitude Tests & Skills Assessments

Aside from the necessary skills, experience and education level of a candidate, it’s generally a good idea to understand if a person is naturally inclined to enjoy doing the tasks associated with the position you’re filling. Psychologists for centuries have studied individuals’ personalities to better understand how they participate in society. Personality or work aptitude tests and pre employment skills assessments are the foundation for understanding whether a candidate is going to have the natural inclinations to do a particular job. Maybe even more importantly, it will give you insight into whether or not a person will actually enjoy doing a job for a long period of time.

Aptitude directly affects productivity and retention of your team. The Hire Talent IC pre employment assessment measure the work aptitude of individual contributors like CSR’s, administrators, and technical people. And The Hire Talent SL pre employment aptitude test measures the work aptitude of sales and leadership individuals. These people tend to have specific personality traits that make them good at driving sales and leading teams.

These pre employment aptitude tests and skills assessments include:

  • Extensive attitudinal measurements
  • In-depth emotional competence measurements

Basic Skills Assessments

Basic skills assessments are good to use early in the hiring process. If a candidate doesn’t have the basic skills needed to be successful in a job, then they will not likely be a fit for your company. We like to know this early on in the process, so our time can be better spent with more appropriate candidates. Below are the numerous basic skill tests we have:

  • Sales Ability Test
  • Sales Savvy Tests
  • Telemarketing Test
  • Logic and Critical thinking  Test
  • Detail Ability Tests
  • Math Tests
  • Basic Personality Inventory Assessments
  • Reading and Writing Comprehension Test
  • Microsoft Word Test
  • Microsoft Excel Tests
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Test
  • Supervisor Savvy Test
  • People and Logic Competency Test

To learn more about using Pre Employment Testing check out our definitive guide where we cover the best practices for using assessments.