Pre Employment Aptitude Test

Hire the Most Cognitively & Emotionally Intelligent Candidates 

Cognitive Aptitude Testing is one of the best predictors of on-the-job success

Aptitude Assessment Test

What Cognitive & Aptitude Testing Will do for Your Organization:

  • Your Hires Will Absord New New Skills like a Sponge

    What's better than an employee who knows a lot?

    One that can learn anything.

    Our pre employment aptitude test identifies the candidates with the greatest potential and ability to learn on the job.

  • Strong Decision Making Skills

    Do you want to hire employees who need their handheld or autonomous decision-makers?

    Find candidates who can consistently come to the best conclusions on their own through logic & reasoning 

  • Think Outside the Box to Solve Complex Problems

    Many jobs require employees who can create solutions on the go and roll with the punches.

    Our pre-employment aptitude test allow you to consistently hire employees with the intelligence and creativity to find unique solutions.

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Our Cognitive and Aptitude Testing Options:

Aptitude and People Skills

Pre-employment Aptitude and People Skills Test

Hire Employees with the ability to rapidly learn and use logic to come to the best conclusions

Our Aptitude and People Skills Test measures any candidate's cognitive ability and aptitude to deal with people as it relates to succeeding on the job.

Learn More About Our Aptitude and People Skills test

Sales, People, and Logic
Cognitve Ability
Matrix Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
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