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We help companies improve profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing predictive pre-hire testing and recruitment SAAS tools making hiring the best talent easier and faster. 

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Our Mission: We make hiring the best talent more predictive, faster and easier for HR Executives and business leaders. We deliver world-class pre-employment testing, recruitment software, and performance management solutions. Our tools enable companies to execute their talent acquisition and development strategies better, faster and easier!

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The Hire Talent is a pre-employment testing service that measures personality traits and aptitude abilities to ensure your candidates will be an excellent performance fit for your organization!

How We Do It

We have been working in the hiring industry for 30+ years and have developed a 7-stage optimized hiring process to make sure you hire only top performers.

Set Expectations

Setting realistic expectations is the most important part of any hiring process. Without a clear idea of what you're looking for, how can your company be successful? The first step is to identify what drives success in each role and then write out job descriptions with all those details.

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Now that you know exactly what to look for, it's time to start posting on job boards, gathering referrals, etc. But don't forget about Rapid Recruit: our Applicant Tracking System contains all the tools needed when recruiting a candidate.

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Candidate Assessment

At this step, you have a list of top candidates to fill your open positions. The best way to find qualified employees is through our pre-employment tests, which help identify skills, personality types, and aptitudes for specific roles to ensure that whoever we bring on board is a perfect fit.

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Interviews are a great tool to ensure the success of your hires, if executed correctly. This step is where you will gauge candidates' experience, interests, skills, behavior, past work performance, as well as collect references and determine the desired salary. With our Candidate Scorecard, interviewing has never been easier!

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Reference Checking

All companies should reference check their candidates. You can get valuable insight into any candidates' previous performance from their direct past supervisors. Our new software, Reference Hunter, completely automates this process, saving you time, money, and hiring mistakes.

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On-boarding is the process of making sure your new hires are sorted out and on their path to success. Having all administrative steps in place before employees start their first day with you ensures their engagement and retention. Poor onboarding can lead to high turnover rates, and nobody wants that!

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Performance Management

Implementing performance evaluations yearly means making sure your employees do meaningful work and genuinely like their workplace. Yearly performance reviews are the perfect way for managers and employees alike to evaluate productivity levels and get everyone on board with achieving the company's goals.

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