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Get consistent hiring results from every interview

Our Candidate Scorecard allows any interviewer to get the same results as a hiring manager with 20+ years of experience.

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"Swear by their pre-employment assessments. I'm learning to NOT hire without using these tests and trusting them completely. If you're looking for the top candidates, this will certainly help weed out those not in the higher tiers"  - 5/5 star verified Trustpilot review

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How the Candidate Scorecard Works:

Objectively select top performers in 3 Steps

  • 1)

    Identify the traits you want in a candidate

  • 2)

    Create custom questions designed to score candidates on your selected traits

  • 3)

    Score candidates during interviews and consistently select top performers, no matter the interviewer

Take the Blindfold Off

Interviewing without set goals & clearly defined KPIs is like playing darts with a blindfold on.

You might hit the board a few times, but you’ll never consistently hire the best talent.


Turn your Interview Process Into a Top Talent Selection Machines

Once you identify the qualities you need for success in any given job position, the results become 100% reproducible.

All interview questions and qualities that you measure become standardized, so any hiring manager can produce the same results.

Over and over again.

Making one good hire is nice, but making 1000s of great hires is what will bring your business to dominance.


Trust your Hiring Manager to Select the Best Candidates

Your top hiring managers, executives, or even the CEO can use the Candidate Scorecard to select the qualities that define success and create structure questions to score candidates.

Any interviewer can then use the candidate scorecard to interview candidates and see the same results as your best hiring manager.

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Create a Universal Vision of your Ideal Candidates

The days of bad hires caused by subjective hiring decisions are behind you.

By using the Candidate Scorecard interviewers will solely focus on the defining qualities found in your current top-performing employees, creating an objective vision of your ideal candidate.


Help your Current Employees become Top Performers too

The Candidate Scorecard can assess your current employees performance and spot specific qualities that have room for further growth.


Eliminate Concerns of Hiring Discrimination or Bias

The Candidate Scorecard allows hiring managers to use the same line of questioning and criteria for all interviews, so results are always repeatable.

Create the Most Effective Interview Process You've Ever Had with The Candidate Scorecard