Sales Aptitude Test

Is your sales team a revenue-generating, deal closing machine? Do they seamlessly work together to close leads you work so hard to get?

Top performing salespeople have very specific personality traits and sales skills. Our sales assessment tests measure these traits & abilities so that you can pick the candidates who will close the most deals and drive your companies success.


Fit your company culture better

Love Their Job

Love their job


Produce top results

90 Percent

More retainable


Be amazing team players

Sales Assessment Tests

Sales Predictor Profile

Have you ever thought you made a great sales hire, but then they fail to meet their quotas or performance numbers?

Our Sales Predictor Profile assessment combines our sales ability and behavioral test to give you a complete picture of any candidate and drastically increase your chances of hiring a top performer.

This assessment analyzes candidates for personality fit and aptitude so you can hire candidates who were born to sell, and have the cognitive ability to be top performers.

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