Sales Assessment Testing

Are Your Sales People Revenue Generating, Deal Closing Machines?

Do they seamlessly close the leads you work so hard to get?

Our Sales Assessment Testing Provides the Insights you Need to Consistently Hire Top Performers

Sales Assessment Test

What Sales Assessment Testing Will do for Your Organization:

  • 2 Types of Sales People - The Lion & The Mouse

    The Mouse: scared of missing quotas every month, doesn't put any time into studying sales, and still wonders why they see no improvement.

    The Lion: excited to connect with prospects, constantly studies new sales techniques, monitors their weaknesses & adapts, and consistently surpasses revenue goals.

    Our Sales Assessment Testing helps you hire the Lions and avoid the Mice at all costs.

  • Always Hunting for New Business

    Whether they've already passed their sales quota or have just started the month, the candidates you hire using our Sales Testing will always be seen hunting for new business.

    We identify the type of salespeople that detest doing nothing and love hunting for new deals.

  • High Close Rates

    One of the most important skills in sales is undeniably closing.

    Our Sales Assessment Testing measures every part of a candidate's sales Knowledge and asks specific questions to gauge their ability to close.

    Hire Candidates who Dependably Close your leads.

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Always Hunting for New Leads

Love Their Job

Have a Passion for Sales and Connecting with People

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High Close Rates


Team players


Unbiased Hiring Analytics

Our Sales Assessment Testing Options:

Sales Predictor Profile

Sales Predictor Profile

Hire Top Performing Salespeople with In-Depth Candidate Analytics 

The Sales Predictor Profile test provides in-depth reporting on any sales candidate's:

  1. Overall Sales Knowledge and Ability
  2. Personality Fit for a Sales Role
  3. Cognitive Ability

By assessing all 3 of these areas you will consistently select top-performing salespeople from your applicant pool.

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