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Precision in Hiring Equals Excellence in Sales. Discover Your Next Top Performer.


Discover the pinnacle of car sales recruitment with the AutoSales Talent Predictor, your gateway to identifying and nurturing sales excellence. This state-of-the-art tool is specifically designed to transform the way car dealerships recruit, offering a scientifically backed method to pinpoint candidates most likely to excel in sales roles.


Why Choose AutoSales Talent Predictor?

Our comprehensive research, tracking over 500 applicants for nearly a decade, culminates in the AutoSales Talent Predictor—a tool that goes beyond traditional hiring methods. Utilizing an innovative approach, we analyze key personality traits and behaviors to forecast a candidate's success in the car sales industry with remarkable accuracy.

Our Groundbreaking Insights

  • LP THT 10

    Improvement | 97.25%

    In pinpointing candidates who will become top performers when they score above 70 on our Overall Recommendation scale.

  • LP THT 11

    Boost | 20.18%

    In the likelihood of candidates achieving at least satisfactory performance levels.

  • LP THT 12

    Greater Efficiency | 17.15%

    In eliminating potential underperformers from the hiring process.

Benefits of Using AutoSales Talent Predictor

  • LP THT 13

    Streamline Your Recruitment

    Focus your hiring process on candidates with the highest potential for success.

  • LP THT 14

    Boost Sales Performance

    Enhance your team's overall sales efficacy by selecting candidates predisposed to sales excellence.

  • LP THT 15

    Minimize Turnover

    Hiring the right candidates from the start reduces turnover and its associated costs.

  • LP THT 16

    Empower Decisions with Data

    Leverage analytical insights to make informed, objective hiring decisions.

How It Works?

Streamline Your Hiring Process in Three Easy Steps

The AutoSales Talent Predictor is a swift and efficient assessment, taking only 15-20 minutes to complete. It's optimally positioned early in the recruitment process, ideally before the first interview or right after the initial screening call, ensuring that you invest time and resources in the most promising candidates.

  • LP THT 20

    Key Traits of Successful Car Sales Professionals

Our analysis reveals that the highest-performing sales professionals in the auto industry share these characteristics:

  • Low Criticalness
  • Low Blame
  • Low Unsupportiveness
  • High Organization
  • Medium to High Assertiveness
  • Medium to High Self-Esteem

Ready to Transform Your Sales Team?

Join the forefront of car sales recruitment with the AutoSales Talent Predictor. Begin the journey towards building a stronger, more successful sales team by leveraging the power of predictive analytics and behavioral science.