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Pre-Employment Tests
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The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment testing service, offering a combination of behavioral and competence-based assessments in order to hire the best talent on the market.

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Our analysis and testing will improve your hiring process.

Find the diamond in the rough

Find the diamond in the rough Identify candidate values to match to your unique company culture.

Find the Right Candidate

Make the decision faster

Quickly identify who has the potential in your selection process and save time and money.

Accelerate the Candidate Selection Process.

Hire for aptitude and attitude

Train people for the specific skills/experience you want in order to open up your talent pool.

Hire the Quickest Learners

See how we assess candidates to ensure a good fit with your organization’s goals.

Personality Assessment Tests

Discover which candidates have natural inclinations towards your job offerings. Increase long term retention, engagement, and overall success on the job.

Identify Candidates Who Will Love their Jobs!

Cognitive & Aptitude Assessment Tests

Leverage the most accurate predictor of job performance. Identify employees with strong problem solving & decision-making skills.

Hire the Most Intelligent Talent

Skills Assessment Tests

Determine which candidates have the necessary hard skills to succeed on the job.

Evaluate Hard Skills

Sales Assessment Tests

Reveal which sales candidates that will drive revenue and increase your bottom line.

Create the Best Sales Team

Leadership Assessment Tests

Effective and inspiring leaders drive the success of your organization. Find yours by testing your top contenders.

Reveal leadership potential

Using our 30+ years of experience we developed 7 optimized stages for hiring top performers

Setting Expectations

The first step to successful hiring is identifying exactly what drives success for the role, what responsibilities will be given, salary, writing out job descriptions, job ads, and all the other nitty gritty details.

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Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate, it's time to start posting on job boards, collecting referrals, and using any other methods to get the largest amount of applicants.

Collect applicants and organize your entire hiring process in our Applicant Tracking System, Rapid Recruit.

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This step is one of the most important in the hiring process. This is where you will assess which candidates have the personality, aptitude, and skills for the role. Your company deserves the best talent on the market, and that's found through candidate assessment.

Our Pre Employment Testing will provide you with accurate Data driven insights to assess candidates.

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Interviews are a great tool to collect crucial information about a new potential hire, if done right. This step is where you will gauge a candidate's interest level, analyze their performance at past jobs, gather references, and determine their desired salary.

Our Candidate Scorecard allows any hiring manager to interview like they’ve been doing it for 20+ years.

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Reference Checking

Reference checks allow you to get insight on any candidate’s previous on the job performance from their direct past supervisor. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Our new software, Reference Hunter, completely automates reference checking.

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On Boarding

Now that you’ve made a new hire you have to onboard them. This means having all the proper administrative steps sorted out, knowing exactly what they will do on their first day, and having goals for them to hit by certain dates. Poor onboarding can leave a new hire feeling lost and result in them leaving after just a few months on the job.

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Performance Management

Once a new hire is integrated into your business, it's time to showcase your next level management skills. This means doing performance evaluations yearly, making sure employees do meaningful work, and ensuring they genuinely like their workplace.

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