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Our Pre-Employment Testing Solutions

Aptitude Assessments

Assess the job applicant’s cognitive thinking, communication skills, adaptability, problem solving and overall people skills.

Work Style & Personality Assessments

Measure personality and work style traits like attitude, integrity and emotional intelligence (EQ) to predict on-the-job success, cultural and overall personality fit.

Skills Assessment Tests

Evaluate applicant’s ability to follow directions, attention to detail, logical reasoning, critical thinking, math, writing, leadership skills, and sales skills.

Sales Aptitude & Leadership Assessments

Identify candidates with strong relationship-building, listening, and communication abilities who are skilled sales hunters and closers.

What our users have to say

Lisa R.
We have used the Detail Skills test to screen applicants for our medical front desk position. It is a very good measure of attention to detail-quite difficult for many people, as it turns out. A high score on the test has meant a good fit for us. Some of our applicants have complained that the instructions for taking the test were misleading and hard to follow-that too has been a helpful part of our screening process. If they can't follow the instructions, they aren't likely to succeed in the job.
Verified User
It becomes very clear that The Hire Talent has some incredibly powerful features, right away. The results have become increasingly accurate & we're able to accommodate to our candidates better than ever before.
Rick O.
It helps us make solid hiring decisions. We have a minimum benchmark score for applicants. We can also consider areas of importance such as attention to detail, and whether the applicant is more suited to a customer facing role or a technical role.
Billie S.
The candidates recommended to me were carefully selected and thoroughly vetted. Detailed information was provided to each candidate via excellent tests and thorough interviews of the candidates and references. Our employees hired through The Hire Talent are outperforming all employees hired through other sources. I couldn't be more satisfied.

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