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Pre-employment testing: hire the best, faster.

The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment testing service, offering a combination of behavioral and competence-based assessments in order to hire the best talent on the market.

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Success Stories
The Hire Talent recommended the Ability assessment in order to gauge social skills of Medical Assistant applicants to find the right fit for the job.

Autopay had two candidates they were eager to test in order to make a quick decision. The Hire Talent’s pay per test option made it easier for Autopay to act quickly without a long term commitment.

The Hire Talent’s assessments were able to tell Expert Crane which employees would continue to succeed within their current positions.

Human Resources Director makes The Hire Talent’s assessments a fundamental part of their hiring process throughout the company to save money and time.

Metropolitan Property Management uses the Hire Talent’s assessments to obtain valuable information that was unattainable through resumes and normal interview questions.

Tried. Tested. Proven.

Our analysis and testing will improve your hiring process.

Find the diamond in the rough

Identify candidate values to match to your unique company culture.

Make the decision faster

Quickly identify who has the potential in your selection process and save time and money.

Hire for aptitude and attitude

Train people for the specific skills/experience you want in order to open up your talent pool.

Our Testing Library

See how we assess candidates to ensure agood fit with your organization’s goals.

Personality Assessments

Measure a candidate's behavioral preference and natural inclinations that relate directly to retention, engagement, and overall success on the job.

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Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests organize candidates into categories that describe their traits, behaviors and the relationship between the various types.

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Skills Assessment Tests

Find skill assessments for every type of candidate and position.

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