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Hiring without data is like playing darts with a blindfold on.

You might hit the board a few times but you’ll never get a bullseye. The Candidate Scorecard will allow you to...

  • Objectively select your next top performer by identifying the traits that bring success to your business.
  • Replicate the results of your best hiring manager
  • Easily score candidates on the qualities that define success for your business.
  • Stop turning away top performers by getting caught up in the wrong details

Read on to learn how the Candidate Scorecard can turn any hiring manager into an interviewing veteran!

Attention to Detail

What the Candidate Scorecard Does

The Hire Talent’s Interview Assist Candidate Scorecard allows you to identify all the traits a candidate needs to be successful, create custom interview questions to rate candidates on any traits, and finally score candidates for the identified traits based on their responses in 7 easy steps. At the heart of all great hiring processes is consistency in producing the best employees and the Candidate Scorecard help do exactly that.

The Seven Steps


Select the department that will be using the Candidate Scorecard.


Create or Select the Hiring Manager’s profile.



Choose the job type and title for the position you are looking to fill.


Qualities and Traits

Select qualities and traits that will make your new hire successful.



Choose your desired algorithm for calculating a candidate’s score.


Interview Questions

Create custom-tailored questions for the qualities you want to grade.



Evaluate your candidates using the interview questions above.


And Finally, Hire your New A-Level Employee.

A Deeper Look into our Priority Ranking System

The 3 Main Categories

Must have

These are all the traits that are absolutely necessary for the position. Ex: If you want to hire a web developer, knowing the required programming language would be a must-have.

Nice to have

These are the traits that are somewhat negotiable. Your ideal candidate would have all these traits, but it is not a deal-breaker. Ex: You are hiring a new salesperson and they have all the right experience & skills but don’t know how to use Hubspot. Your sales department relies heavily on Hubspot so you think twice about hiring them before realizing that knowing how to use HubSpot is trainable. This is not a deal-breaker for adding a great salesperson to your team, so you move forward with the hire.

Low priority

This column is reserved for traits that don’t really matter. This is important to list out because it will help you identify the traits you thought were crucial to the success of this position, but are not. We have all seen Job Descriptions that consist of 50 random skills & experiences listed in bullet points. And while I don’t have a problem with bullet points, I do have a problem with messy job descriptions.

Why use a Candidate Scorecard?

Eliminates Concerns of Hiring Discrimination
The candidate scorecard allows for hiring managers to use the same line of questioning and criteria for all interviews.

Build your Top Talent Producing Interview Machine
A major benefit of our Candidate Scorecard is that once you identify the qualities you need for success in any given job position, the results become 100% reproducible. All your interview questions and qualities that you measure using the candidate scorecard become standardized, so any interviewer can produce the same results. Over and over again. Making one good hire is nice, but making 1000s of great hires is what creates business dominance.

Trust all of your hiring managers to get the best candidates
Your top hiring managers, executives, or even the CEO use the Candidate Scorecard to select the qualities that define success and create structured interviews. Then any interviewer can use your top quality scorecard to assess candidates and see the same results as your best hiring manager.

Create a Universal Vision of your Ideal Candidates
The days of bad hires caused by subjective hiring decisions and “gut feelings” are behind you. By using the Candidate Scorecard all your interviewers will solely focus on the defining qualities that produce top-performing employees, creating a subjective vision for your ideal candidate.

Help your Current Employees become Top Performers too
The Candidate Scorecard allows you to assess employee performance and spot specific qualities that have room for further growth.

Supervisor Strengths

Dramatically improve your hiring process!

The Candidate Scorecard helps you hire the best employees possible by using data-driven decision making on all the qualities that actually matter.