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The 7 Stages to an Optimized Hiring Process

Our 30 Years Helping Hundreds of Businesses Hire the Best Talent
Has Proven that this Hiring Processes Consistently Produces Top Performers.

Analyzing hiring trends

Why You Should Use Pre-Employment Personality Assessments

When it is time to hire a new employee, you may be well aware that personal attributes and people skills…

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What are the Must-Have Qualities for a Candidate?

Some qualities and experiences are essential if a candidate is going to perform well. These must have qualities, deal-breaker may…

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What’s the Most Effective Way to Screen a Resume?

A resume is usually your first introduction to a candidate. It contains key information that must be read and interpreted…

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Custom Benchmarking for our Assessment Tests

Finding the right employee can be a challenge for any business, but the task is even more difficult for companies…

Customer service employee sitting at a desk with a headset on in a lobby.

Hire for a Customer Service Attitude – The Secret to Owning Your Market

Being customer focused is one of the main keys to building customer loyalty, this is not the job of just…

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Statistics Show: Avoid Bad Hires Using Pre-Employment Assessments

Every business wants to find the right employees: the people who will fit in, become top performers, and contribute to…

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Skill Tests Prevent Key Hiring Mistakes

Determining if candidates truly have the skills required to perform their jobs effectively can be a difficult task. While some…

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How Using Sales Skill Testing Increases Business Revenue

Great sales numbers require a great sales team. While candidates for a sales position may appear to have the right…

Two young employees sitting across from an older gentleman at a cafe who looks to be interviewing for a job.

Use Pre-Employment Testing to Narrow Your Choices

With millions of people seeking work, your company may have attracted more applicants or heard more names suggested than you…

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How Pre-Employment Tests Accurately Predict Employee Success

Hiring a new employee always seems to come with some uncertainty. Even the most carefully recruited and experienced candidate is…

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Pre-Employment Testing Tools Done Better

How do you assess a potential employee? Is a resume and a brief interview enough to determine who has the…

Construction workers reviewing plans together on the job site.

Tips for Navigating the Employee Skill Gap Mystery

Unemployment in the United States has been hovering around 7 percent for a very long time – Americans currently suffer…