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Hiring Talented Team Players: A Guide to Getting it Right

The most common hiring mistakes rarely come from selecting unqualified people.

As the saying goes,

“Hire for skills; fire for attitude.”

Any employer can tell of time where a new hire was great throughout the interview process, but had a bad attitude or was a poor personality fit for the company culture once they were on the job.

Most hiring processes mainly focus on simply measuring aptitude and skills. While extremely important to on the job success, the majority of problems with new hires are derived from attitude and personality mismatches.

In this book, Hiring Talent Team Players, we will provide you with the knowledge to identify hires who will enjoy driving results for your organization and are the right personality for the job. This book is the culmination of 30+ years of experience hiring top-performing leaders, supervisors, salespeople, engineers, and just about everything in between.

By following the strategies and best practices outlined in this book you can transform your hiring process into a consistent machine for attracting, identifying, and assessing talented team players

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Hiring Talnted Team Players: A Guide to Getting it Right

Topics from Hiring Talented Team Players

The Hiring GameWhy Most Hiring Mistakes Come From Attitude Problems & Personality Misfits

The Four Basic Personality Quadrants

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Assessing Attitude

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Effectively Screening Resumes

The Exact Information to Focus on and How to Use Resumes to Qualify Candidates

Questions for your First Call with a Candidate

How to Make Sure you're Spending Time with the Right Candidate in 15 minutes

Legal Issues

Potential Legal Issues that can Occur in a Hiring Process

Improving your Competence In Hiring

Successful Hiring will Require Consistent Effort & Dedication. Learn All the Components in this Book and you will be Well on your Way.

Finding Profitable Candidates

Learn How to Reduce your Hiring Costs and the Best Strategies to Find Results-Driving Candidates

The Key Stumbling Block To Achieving Good Interviews

Our Complete Strategy for Interviews and the Key Mistakes Interviewers Make

Getting the Truth from Interviews

How to Get the Exact Information you Want from Interviews

Next Level Insights with Pre Employment Testing

Data-driven candidate insights to get to the truth every time and remove unconscious bias from hiring

An Effective System to Handle Paperwork

How to Organize your Hiring Process and Paperwork

Interview Questions

Our Top Interview Questions for Detecting Strong Applicants

How to Conduct Reference Checks

Discover Strengths and Weaknesses that didn't Surface during Interviewing