Ever feel like your interview questions won’t tell you what a candidate will be like when they’re actually on the job? Our pre-employment tests not only test for natural and learned aptitudes, but approaches to work performance, attitude, motivation and emotional competency to predict performance and efficiency.

Still trusting your hiring process? See if a time-saving investment in pre-employment tests can raise your revenue because you will never again miss a hidden top performer.

Consider the talent pool as a bell curve, the top 10 to 20% of performers are going to be the hardest to find and identify, while the group in the middle are often considered just ok and the bottom 10 to 20% needing to be avoided at all costs. Our assessments and  pre-employment testing tools will quickly eliminate the bottom quality candidates while helping you pinpoint top performers. When all best practices are executed, our validated process predicts potential top performers in the hiring process with up to 90% accuracy.