Dealing with Problem Generators (Video)

Performance Management Dealing with Problem Generators (Video)

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Improving workplace productivity starts with getting the right people on your team and eliminating the wrong ones. Furthermore, preventing problem generators from joining your organization in the first place is probably the best move you can make for your organization overall, but how?

Reference Checks and Assessment Testing to the Rescue

This is accomplished through two key steps: performance-based hiring, or more specifically strategic interviewing which includes thorough reference checking, and the use of pre-hire assessments that measure for things like attitude, integrity, aptitude, and various skills.

Check out our video below that teaches you to identify and get rid of the problem generators on your team through performance management so that you can replace them with top performers. We also show you how combining effective reference checking from previous direct supervisors and pre-employment assessment tests give you the greatest likelihood of preventing problem employees from being hired thereby automatically increasing workplace productivity.

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