Assessment Manual Benchmarks

Our Benchmarks Predict on the Job Success


The benchmarks are the highs and lows great employees have scored filling in the tests when applying for jobs. They are baselines or reference points in order to judge how a person you test will turn out in reality.

Each job has a different profile so in order to establish benchmarks for a certain job we look at how other successful employees on that job tested during the application stage. For example, when we went back over the results of a group of successful administrative assistants we found the lowest score for attention to detail was 55 and the highest was 78. So the benchmarks were established to be a minimum of 55 on attention to detail for administrative assistants and a maximum of 78. Therefore, if we test someone for an administrative assistant we would expect a good one to be within this range.

However, in reality, if an applicant scores a little higher or lower on just one trait like this, it may not be significant. But if the applicants go over or under on many of the benchmarked traits, the likelihood of the candidate’s success will be much less.

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Even though each job has a different profile, some jobs will not show a significant relevance to some traits and those traits will not have benchmarks. For example, the successful administrative assistants did not show any direct relevance to the trait “Confront People.” This trait does affect the quadrants so does have relevance because all jobs are best suited to certain quadrant personalities.

These benchmarks show on the test results as light yellow bars on either side of the colored trait. The left hand one is the minimum a good employee on that job scored and the one on the right is the maximum a good employee on that job scored. However, on the Sales Ability and People and Logic tests the benchmarks to the right are based on the average of high producers. And the benchmarks to the left on the People and Logic test are an average of all those applying for that type of job.

If there are no benchmarks it is because we don’t have enough samples. On the People and Logic tests the available benchmarks are limited to general categories i.e. Administration, Customer Service, Technical.

Because the benchmarks are different from job to job we now give a title to each report for each major position. So if you have a customer service applicant fill in a test you will get a Customer Service Representative report with all the appropriate benchmarks.

In some cases a person may not fit the benchmarks and yet still be a good employee. They usually do extremely well on other related traits and attitude to make up for it. This does become a judgment call and you can contact us in such matters for our opinion.