Cold Calling

Assessment Manual Cold Calling

Are your candidates comfortable making cold calls?

Cold Calling is tough, but we can help you find candidates who are even tougher.


Cold Calling


The willingness to make outbound unsolicited cold calls with the intention of marketing or selling something to people who will most likely be resistant to receiving such calls.

This trait describes the willingness of a salesperson to make telephone calls to complete strangers who are more than likely resistant to such calls. It also measures a willingness to make phone calls to others in the course of business.

What the Trait is NOT

This trait does not measure how well a person makes cold calls or how successfully he or she makes them. It measures willingness to do it which is the major hurdle to the success of the telemarketing function.

Closely Related Traits

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  • Talking
  • Confront People
  • Warm and Social
  • Assertiveness


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Low Range

Extreme Low Range

0 to 4. This person is very reluctant to get on the phone and make calls to strangers for the purpose of marketing something. If this person has a proven record in sales, he or she will have a big problem in a sales position that requires making cold calls. This is not an indicator of integrity and attitude problems.

Poor Range

Low Range

15 to 39 These people find it uncomfortable to speak up when they know they should. They cause delays and problems when they do not speak up. A person in this range should not be in a position that frequently deals with and controls people. These people should not be put in charge of more than three subordinates and definitely not put in charge of another supervisor. Because these people don’t speak up when they should, it is important for their supervisors to encourage them to voice their concerns and make them feel safe about what they tell you. WARNING: These people are telling you in no uncertain terms they are uncomfortable about persuading others.

Borderline Range

Medium Range

40 to 60. A person will be somewhat reluctant to make cold calls.

Ok Range

High Range

61 to 80. These people have little fear of making cold calls. They usually make good sales prospectors (getting new customers).

Good Range

Extreme High Range

81 to 100. These people have no fear of making cold calls. They usually make good sales prospectors (getting new customers). A great strength like this could have a great weakness such as an inability to be aware of others or have little empathy. This not an indicator of attitude problems.

Interview Questions

Would you prefer making sales calls to strangers or preparing papers for a tax return?

Do you think people can be scary over the phone?

Would you enjoy the challenge of talking to strangers on the phone that could get angry at you?

Do you feel it is more efficient to only call people you feel pretty sure you can persuade?

What is the most difficult time of the day to make sales type calls?

For Manager Empathy

Test candidates on the cold calling trait if their job requires them to consistently make cold calls. It will allow you to see how willing and comfortable they are with making cold calls.

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