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When a Behavioral assessment like this one is done on its own, the reliability of the competency results is very weak. This is due to the fact this assessment by itself only measures a few emotional competencies and one analytical competency. Also, without another competency test, the emotional competencies by themselves may not show the complete competency picture.

When this assessment and a skill test, detail test, or some other applicable specific ability test is done, the competency results are a bit more reliable because we have yet another measure of true ability.

When a cognitive ability test ( People & Logic Ability or Sales, People & Logic Ability) is done in combination with a Behavioral assessment, the competency is being well tested and the competency predictions will be strong. In this case, the cognitive ability test is integrated into this assessment, which does affect the traits in the competency chart on page 2.

The levels can read from: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Just OK, Borderline, Poor or Very Poor.

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Ranges of competency scores:

  • The lowest competency score is a 2 out of a possible 8 and the highest score is an 8 out of a possible 8.
  • An exact borderline would be 5.
  • Most times you will see a spread. For example, from a very poor (2) to a borderline (4.5), and a big spread like that indicates we can’t tell from the applicant’s answers if he or she will have horrible competence (2) or at best have borderline competence (4.5).
  • It would be a risky hire even if the person was borderline competency, the best possible prediction