Assessment Manual Consistency

Detect Candidates who answer untruthfully or inconsistently with the Consistency Rating


On the page with the title, “RESULTS FOR (Candidate’s Name)” you will notice on the upper middle, left hand side a title “CONSISTENCY.” This describes how consistently the candidate answered the questions.

If the candidate could not read or irresponsibly answered the questions willy-nilly then the consistency description would tell you not to rely on any of the results.

This description is based in part on four questions on the questionnaire that are repeated in identical form. If they answer consistently then they will answer those four questions the same as the other four identical questions. Also, you should know that several other aspects are taken into consideration to come up with the consistency descriptions.

If people are very consistent in their answers, The WIMBUSH-SL AND IC will give this read out: This person must have read and answered the questions very thoroughly.
If people answer with a little inconsistency, it will give this read out: This person answered the questions well enough for an acceptable result.

If people answer inconsistently, it will give this read out: THE RESULTS OF ALL THESE ASSESSMENTS ARE UNRELIABLE.

If it was filled in consistently, you can rely on the results especially if the Analytical Intelligence trait is over 20. In other words, the results are likely to be about 90% accurate. On the lower consistency (when it mentions “some inconsistency”) with the Analytical Intelligence trait measuring less than 24, it indicates the person couldn’t read well enough for an acceptable result. When it says the results of all these assessments are unreliable, then the results may only be about 60% accurate at best and should not be relied on at all.

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