Assessment Manual Creativeness

How Easy is it to Come up with new or artistic ideas?

Test Candidates for the Creativeness Trait to Hire People who Bring Creative Solutions to the Table




The tendency and desire to explore different ways of doing things or seeing things or being artistic.

This trait describes how easy or difficult it is for the person to come up with new and different or artistic ideas. How mentally flexible the person is.

What the Trait is NOT

This trait does not measure the quality of the new ideas or artistic ability. However, people strong in this trait usually come up with enough different ideas to spark good ideas in others and have good artistic talents.

Closely Related Traits

  • Impulsiveness
  • Talking
  • Warm and Social

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Predictor Profile

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Low Range

Extreme Low Range

0 to 4. This person will be stuck in routines. May not be flexible.

Poor Range

Low Range

5 to 39. This person is more comfortable following the same routine than thinking about changing it. May not be mentally flexible.

Borderline Range

Medium Range

40 to 60. Shows a good balance between following routines and coming up with different or artistic changes.

Ok Range

High Range

61 to 95. This person loves thinking up new ideas or doing artistic projects. Flexible.

Good Range

Extreme High Range

96 to 100. This person could be so artistic they overlook the practical. Flexible.

For Manager Empathy

Test for the Creativeness trait for positions that require coming up with new solutions or problem-solving.

Positions such as accounting or administrative work do not require high levels of creativeness.

Supervisor Strengths