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Says or thinks poorly of others. The focus or exaggeration of others’ “faults.” Or, judging others more negatively than justified.

What the Trait is NOT

A measurement of one’s own personal criticism of self.

Closely Related Traits

• Understand Human Nature
• Know How to Deal with People
• Coaching Strength
• Trainer
• Sales Manager

Closely Related Tests

Predictor Profile Test and Sales Predictor Profile Test.

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Borderline Range

Score Range

Over 37 or above the high benchmark for the specific position. This person may be too critical of others or quick to judge.


Interview Questions

What reasons would you accept and what reasons wouldn’t you accept? Why is that?

What parts of your job do you like doing the least? (If they say nothing, you must persist until they can tell you some things. (If they don’t mention paperwork, then the trait is OK. If they do mention paperwork ask the following.)

Would you go to great lengths to fill in forms or reports thoroughly?

What didn’t you admire about your past supervisor?

If someone scores highly on critical trait

When you indicate to people they have a high critical trait or a low appreciation trait they are likely to tell you they are very negative of themselves and that is the reason why the results came out the way they did. In reality, they are also too critical of others but in denial of the “too” part of it. Remember, negative people, do not know they are negative. Only Assessments like these and observations by others give us a clue about ourselves in this regard.

Supervisor Strengths