Existing Employees

Assessment Manual Existing Employees

Existing Employees Fill out Assessments Differently than Job Applicants

Existing Employees

A person applying for a job will fill this assessment in differently than one securely in a job.  People applying for jobs have their future incomes or careers at stake.  These people want to look as good as possible but the good news is that their exaggeration is very consistent for highly accurate results.  However, existing employees have different purposes for filling in assessments.  One may be to find out more about themselves or another may be to fulfill their employer’s request.  If the latter is the case, these employees may tend to exaggerate or be brutally honest depending on how secure they feel about their jobs.

This assessment makes an allowance for this increased honesty and inconsistency.  The result is that the personality description is accurate.  The competency is not quite as accurate as a person applying for a job.

If There Is An Ability Test:

However, because an ability test was also used, both competency and attitude are pretty accurate.

If There Is Not An Ability Test:

The attitude level is only generally accurate because an ability test was not also used.

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