Logic Ability Test

Assessment Manual Logic Ability Test

Identify candidates with strong logic to think outside the box

Logic Ability Test


A test that measures how well a person can think accurately and logically.

This test measures how well a person can solve logical problems or can think outside the box to see a simple answer to a problem.

What the Trait is NOT

A test that measures a person’s ability to do math or detail, or an assessment to measure personality types or attitude.

Usefulness of the Test

To give an employer a more exact understanding of the applicant’s general analytical competence.

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Who Should this Test be Given to?

Anyone applying for a technical position but with little or no dealings with people. If the position involves a need to deal with people then the People and Logic test should be used instead.

Test Details

Ten multiple choice options with five possible answers to each problem. The problem solving will not depend on memory detail for the correct answers. The test is made up of a series of logic, deduction and discernment problems.

Can this Test be Done at Home?

Yes, but this is a test that another person could help them with. The test is timed so that if it takes them more than 15 minutes you should be suspect. It is unlikely the applicant would ask for help because s/he wouldn’t know who to ask unless the candidate can’t read English.

Closely Related Tests

  • People and Logic Test
  • Sales, People, and Logic Test
  • Cognitive ability Test

Positions Most Applicable

Technical, Driving, Accounting (involving problem solving), or any position where administering the IC People & Logic Ability test would be too much, such as with entry-level or retail-type positions.

Warnings to be Given to the Applicant

The applicant should know s/he only has enough time to answers the questions and not be doing anything else during the test.

Low Range

Extreme Low Range

0 to 10. These people were just guessing at the answers or not very bright.

Poor Range

Low Range

11 to 30. This is a poor result.

Borderline Range

Borderline Range

31 to 49. This is a borderline result.

Ok Range

Medium Range

50 to 60. This is a good result.

Good Range

High Range

61 to 72. These people are generally analytically competent.

High Range

Extreme High Range

73 to 100. These people are very analytically competent.

Trait Definitions

  • Discernment: This is a logic trait which shows the candidate’s ability to discern or see differences in details. It also shows the ability to see when something is in a different category to other things. 8 problems related to this trait.
  • Systemize: This trait shows how well the person could see things in different categories. 3 problems.
  • Draw Conclusions: This trait shows the analytical ability to accurately determine information from given situations or data and then make accurate deductions. 2 problems.
  • Unusual Logic: This trait shows the analytical ability to take a problem and be able to view it from enough different viewpoints to actually solve it. Most of the problems are simple to solve if looked at from the right viewpoint. 6 problems.