Assessment Manual Motivation

Do your candidates have enough motivation to get things done?

Test candidates for the motivation trait to hire employees with the strongest work ethic



One of the four main general emotional competency traits. The ability to have enough energy and interest to get things done. Work ethic, lazy and hard worker come under this trait.

Motivated people will take those actions necessary to get things done. They will work hard and long to get results.

Those who are not motivated will spend time theorizing about what should be done but never really take the actions necessary to make it happen.

What the Trait is NOT

The desire to think about what needs to be done.

Closely Related Traits

• Focus

Closely Related Tests

Predictor Profile

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Low Range

Extreme Low Range

0 to 10. Low scores on this trait show the person lacks energy and interest to take action.

Poor Range

Low Range

10 to 29. Low scores on this trait show the person lacks energy and interest to take action.

Borderline Range

Medium Range

29 to 45. A borderline reading on this trait is 40.

Ok Range

High Range

45 to 89. These people really want to get things done.

Interview Questions

In general, other than study, what else do you do to improve your efficiency at work?

(You are listening for ways they are organizing themselves. After they have given some ways they organize themselves, without directly asking for them, ask the following questions.)

Tell me exactly how you (example they gave you)?

Why do you think that is so important to do?

Ask more questions about what they say, especially their philosophy behind their approach?


For Manager Empathy

High scores of motivation are essential for virtually all job positions. Do you want hard workers in every role?

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