Overall Recommendation

Assessment Manual Overall Recommendation

Overall Recommendation of How Likely a New Hire is to Succeed On the Job


Overall Recommendation

This is a single bar chart that is based on the percentage chance of a good hire.  It is more the computer’s best effort at prediction as opposed to a personal prediction, which is the “Percentage Chance of a Good Hire”.

This number includes the basic attitude multiplied by competence with the influence of the personality fit.

  • Dishonesty, defensiveness, exaggeration, and very low traits also influence this number.

For example:

  • if a candidate is rated a 6 for attitude and 7 for competency then 6×7=42.  But if the personality for the position is poor then the score of 42 may be reduced to 35.
  • If there is a high level of dishonesty then the score may be lowered even further from 35 to 25.
  • If an Overall Recommendation score of 45 is considered to indicate a great employee then 25 would indicate a poor employee.

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