Percent Chance of a Good Hire

Assessment Manual Percent Chance of a Good Hire

Measure How Likely a Candidate is Succeed on the Job


Percent Chance of a Good Hire


Our personal prediction, based on past experience and research, of the likelihood of the applicant being a good hire or not.

This prediction is based on many factors:

The most important factor is the competency results.

The next most important factor is their attitude level and any poor results the candidate may have in defensiveness and dishonesty.

The next most important factor is the person’s Personality Quadrant compared to the position the person is applying for.

The score also includes an overall reliance on the Accuracy of Results based on how the person answered the questions.  For example, a lot of exaggeration and inconsistency will lower our ability to predict whether the candidate will be a good hire or not.

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Prediction Levels:

The marker is programmed to compute all of this information and come up with a number.  However, we may increase or decrease that number based on any unique circumstances or result patterns.

The highest level of prediction we can make is 90% because we don’t see the resumes or interview the candidates.  The lowest level is 10% because even with horrible results there can always be an “outlier”, one who tests or interviews poorly or doesn’t fit any normal mold but can produce very well.

Scores in the 70% to 90% chance of a good hire are worth investing more time in for more interviews and reference checks.  For example, we may say that the candidate has a 75% of a good hire and based on your investigations you may raise or lower that score.

When a candidate has an 80% or higher chance of a good hire, make an offer as soon as possible before one of your competitors hires them.

When the percentage score is “Unknown” then that is usually due to there being no other competency test, whose score plays a major role in predicting their chances of being a good hire or not.  It can also be due to the candidate’s inability to read English.