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Hire Salespeople Who Value Asking Questions in the Sales Process



The degree of importance the person puts on questioning in the sales process.

What the Trait is NOT

A measure of the quality of questions a person can come up with or how often a person will ask questions in a conversation.

Closely Related Traits

  • Solution Selling
  • Coaching Strength
  • Trainer

Closely Related Tests

  • Predictor Profile
  • Sales, People, and Logic

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Low Range

Extreme Low Range

Less than 25. Because there is only one right answer out of 5 for each question, 20 could be achieved by just guessing answers. This person puts a very low importance on questioning.

Poor Range

Low Range

26 to 37. This person puts a poor importance on questioning.

Borderline Range

Borderline Range

38 to 49. This person puts a borderline importance on questioning.

Ok Range

Medium Range

50 to 59. This person puts an OK importance on questioning.

Good Range

High Range

60 to 74. This person puts a high importance on questioning.

High Range

Extreme High Range

75 to 100. This person puts a very high importance on questioning.

Interview Question

How do you know what your prospect's buying motives are?

What do you do when the prospect says they want to think about it?

How do you overcome a price objection?

What do you do when a prospect says they are not interested, late in the sales process?