Assessment Manual Unsupportive

Identify Unsupportive Candidates

Learn about the Unsupportive trait and how to screen candidates for it




Following one’s own agenda rather than management’s agenda. Selfishness or independence. Following priorities that are different from the boss or neglecting important responsibilities. Working on personal priorities rather than a supervisor’s or customer’s priority. It could also include lack of loyalty. Doing things that would look good on a future resume rather than assisting the company’s stated priorities. An unwillingness to see the supervisor’s side of an argument. Problems with authorities.

What the Trait is NOT

A measurement of laziness.

Closely Related Traits

Critical and Blame

Closely Related Tests

Sales Ability Test as well as the IC Ability Test.

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Ok Range

Ideal Score

This trait is similar in nature to the Critical and the Blame traits. When all three traits are high (average over 35 each), they show up in employees who get upset with their supervisors and management, who will not accept constructive criticism and who are very defensive. They also get into long drawn out disagreements, harbor grudges, and are difficult to get along with. They have problems with authorities.

Interview Questions

What tasks do you think your boss should do for you? Why is that?

Any answer that indicates it is the boss’s job to help them get the job done is reverse delegation and a red flag. The boss may be expected to train, lead, settle disputes between peers and inform but not do what the employee should be doing.

Give me an example of a suggestion a boss has made to you, you didn’t like?

Do you prefer to follow established procedures or do it in your own way?

How would you respond to a boss’s request to do something you didn’t agree with?


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