Personality Type: Analyzer | Logical

eyeglasses sitting on a notebook of paper with crumpled paper next to it.

The Analyzer/Logical Quadrant is also known as the “Analyzer,” “Melancholy,” or “Thinker” Quadrant.

These people tend to be interested in being methodical, organizing things, being thorough, being exact, being structured, and paying attention to detail. They usually would rather not focus on the big picture, take risks, be flexible and they tend to say the bare minimum and make phone calls only if they have to (sometimes these people talk a lot to make sure you understand all the minor details).

In a team, this person will want to remain quiet and try to organize or systemize things with an emphasis on accuracy.

Essence: Exacting

Fears: Mistakes

Under Pressure: Pulls back

Traits and Characteristics of Interest:

  • Analyzing
  • Fixing or troubleshooting things
  • Making or creating things
  • Installing things
  • Technical work

Positions Most Suited For:

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Estimating
  • Administrating
  • Programming
  • Analyzing systems
  • Driving
  • Arts

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