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Personality Type: Controller | Assertive

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The Controller / Assertive Personality Quadrant is one of the four quadrants that make up our behavioral preferences, why we behave the way we do, and who we are from a personality standpoint.

The Controller/Assertive Quadrant is also known as the “Driver,” “Choleric,” or “Director” Quadrant.

Essence: Commanding

Fears: Failure

Under Pressure: Confronts

Traits and Characteristics of Interest:

  • Leading people
  • Leading teams
  • Managing projects
  • Managing sales people
  • Running businesses
  • Representing people in court
  • Persuasive selling

Interested In

These people tend to be interested in getting things done (especially their own way), taking control of other people, winning games, speaking up, stating their opinions, asking for money and confronting people.

In a team this person wants to run the meetings and make the decisions.

Not Interested In

These people usually have little interest in caring about pleasing others outside the people who are close to them. They also usually have very little interest in listening, having patience, teaching one-on-one and praising others.

Positions Best Suited For:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Leaders
  • Sales
  • Lawyer
  • Presidents
  • Business Owner

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