Personality Type: Expressive | Social

Expressive/Social people having a discussion and laughing

The Expressive/Social Quadrant is also known as the “Expressive,” “Socializer,” “Sanguine,” or “Promoter” Quadrant.

Essence: Promoting

Fears: Boredom

Under Pressure: Ridicules

Traits and Characteristics of Interest:

  • Promoting
  • Networking
  • Lecturing
  • Teaching groups
  • Debating
  • Public relation handling
  • Announcing

Interested In

These people tend to be interested in talking about their interests, having lots of friends, talking about problems, discussing their opinions, being fashionable, going to social events, making lots of phone calls, talking at length on the phone, small talk, discussing the big picture and repeating themselves. In a team or group environment, they are the most interested in announcing or expressing information.

Not Interested In

These people are usually not that interested in (and probably poor at) listening, doing paperwork, structuring things and being exact about details.

Positions Best Suited For:

  • Public Speaking
  • Politics
  • Acting and Theater
  • Sales

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