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The plan to start improving your recruitment efforts today


  • 4 Essential & Advanced Test
    credits included
  • Access to all Candidate
    evaluation tools
  • Lite Application Track System
  • Kingsley AI hiring assistant
  • Checkr Background check Integration
  • Performance Management Tool
  • Unlimited Users

Hiring Solved

Everything your business needs for recruitment success


  • Market openings across all major job boards
  • Unlimited assessments, video interview, reference checking
  • Text/ SMS
  • Email integrations
  • Hiring Process automated
  • All 44+ features unlimited use
  • Dedicated hiring coach & Implementor

Done for You

The perfect custom plan for all your recruitment and hiring needs


  • Fractional Talent Acquisition expert
  • Enterprise Custom Features
  • Customized onboarding
  • Contact us for Custom Quote

The 15-day trial includes the complete feature set of the Hiring Solved plan. No credit card required.

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Candidate Evaluate Tools
Free Plan Hiring Solved Done for you
30+ Skill, Integrity, DISC & Behavioral Assessments
Expand Talent Pool Fast with Social Media Sharing!
Credit Purchase
Unlimited use
Unlimited use
72+ Interview Question guides by job type
Targeted Question Guides for Effective Interviews!
Candidate scorecards
Structured Scorecards for Unbiased Evaluations!
Custom assessments
Tailor-Made Assessments for Specific Role Requirements!
Reference checking
Save 20 Hours/Month with Automated Reference Checks!
One-way interviews
Efficient Screening with Time-Saving One-Way Interviews!
Resume to Job Description Matching
Match Resumes to Job Descriptions Precisely!
Checkr Integration - Background Checks
Seamless Background Checks for Secure Hiring!
Per Use ChargePer Use Charge
Candidate Sourcing
Free Plan Hiring Solved Done for you
Free Job posts on 100+ job boards
Post Jobs Free on 100+ Boards for Max Reach!
Sponsor Job Posts
Sponsored Posts for Enhanced Candidate Attraction!
Career Pages
Create Custom Career Pages to Attract Talent!
Social Media Sharing
Expand Talent Pool Fast with Social Media Sharing!
Employee Referral Marketing System
87% Better Hires with Employee Referrals!
Recruitment Marketing videos
Engaging Videos to Attract Top Talent!
$99 per video
1 included
Email to apply
Simplify Applications via Email for Candidates!
Text to apply
Easy Text-to-Apply Feature for Quick Applications!
QR Code to Apply
Innovative QR Code Applications for Tech-Savvy Talent!
Communication Tools
Free Plan Hiring Solved Done for you
Gmail & Microsoft Email Integration
Integrate Easily with Your Existing Email Systems!
Calendar Integrations
Sync Calendars for Hassle-Free Scheduling!
Text / SMS messaging
Communicate with Candidates via Convenient Texts!