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We believe strongly that hiring the best talent for your company is the first step in driving company profit and productivity. Many successful businesses don’t have the time or resources to conduct a thorough selection process even though they value hiring the best people.

Our comprehensive approach will execute the entire executive recruitment process for you, netting 5 to ­10 times the applicants while aggressively attracting even the most passive of candidates. Our full­cycle recruiting services:

Allow you to spend time conducting in­depth face to face interviews with only the most qualified candidates
Includes all of our “best practice” hiring tools
Offer thorough reference and background checks
Assessment testing

Our recruiting service operates as an outsourced extension of your company. When you employ any recruiter, they are representing your business. We get that. We are your dedicated partner in this process. We aren’t looking to make a quick buck. We treat each requisition as if it were our own.

How do we do it?

Retained Recruiting Searches
Cast the widest net possible. This means we receive 3 to 10 times as many applicants for each requisition, compared to most internally driven recruiting processes.
We use a success profile approach to find people capable of delivering high level results, instead of screening people out for resume matches. This means we talk to 3 to 10 times as many applicants, compared to the average hiring manager. This dramatically increases your odds of finding the right person quickly.
We utilize our cutting edge skill, competency, aptitude, EQ, and Attitude assessments in order to validate the candidate on all levels.
We cut through the shine and conduct the first 2­-3 interviews from your perspective. What does that mean? We approach each candidate as if they were coming to work for us. This means if they aren’t the best we won’t pass them along.
Ultimately candidates don’t want to be sold on a job. They want to be engaged, excited, and feel like a position is a true career opportunity. A thorough interview process engages candidates. It gives them an opportunity to decide if the job is a right fit for them, and allows them to get to know your company. Traditional recruiters promote jobs to candidates, and sell candidates to employers. This is a recipe for disaster.

Reference checks

Have you had trouble getting high quality references from candidates?
The best candidates will get their supervisor’s and their supervisor’s supervisor to speak with us.
This feedback is invaluable insight into your candidate’s potential.
We will verify resumé information and validate successes claimed throughout the selection process. You need the facts and genuine feedback. We will get it.
We will ensure these checks get done in a timely manner, preventing the delay and hassle of having to do them yourself.
This is included in your retained service package, or as a stand­alone service for a low fee.

Background and Credit checks

Need to check a prospective candidate's background or credit history?

For some positions like those dealing with sensitive client info, business or personal finances, and for roles that are responsible for driving or operating company equipment, these types of checks are highly recommended.

If you are interested in having one of these checks as part of your hiring process, we have resources to help, and can even be include them in the process. 

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