Hiring for Cultural Fit

Everything you need to know about hiring the right people that will not only excel, but contribute to the culture of your company

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Guides, Books, and White Papers

Our Power Interview Guide outlines each step in the interview process so you can weed out the candidates who don’t fit in favor of the top performers who will take your business to the next level!

This eBook defines and defends the candidate reference checking process. We hope that through the lessons outlined here, you will be not only better equipped to ask for the reference but also better prepared at getting it!


This eBook is the blueprint to creating the perfect job advertisement that will attract the top-tier candidates you want in your positions. Stop writing boring job descriptions and learn to market your company and opportunity to better target the candidates you want!


This resume checklist outlines a successful resume screening process to save you time and help your screening efforts to become more efficient!


Candidate References Checklist

Guide to advertising your position vacancies

guide to the 10 best practices of sourcing candidates
the do’s and don’ts of building a candidate profile
fit for a position based on behavioral preferences