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Best Hiring Practices, Communication, and Speaking the Language of Your Candidates with Susan Bellows

Woman standing in front of two others who are sitting down, discussing an idea

In this episode, we sit down with Susan Bellows of Susan Bellows and Associates to discuss best hiring practices, communication and speaking to your candidate’s needs, and finding an “A” player by refining your interview skills. Read more about Susan below and if you want to read along with our audio, check out the podcast transcription here.

Susan is a business consultant specializing in empowering middle management women to attain the recognition, respect, and rewards they deserve. Most of her career was spent as a consultant, coach, and trainer for businesses, helping with sales, customer service, and team building.

She holds three special designations: CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst), CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst), and CPTA (Certified Professional TriMetrix® Analyst) which enables her to help businesses “look under the hood” using assessments similar to an MRI before hiring a candidate or considering promoting a current employee.

Find (and keep) your next Million Dollar Hire!